Master SQL with R

This article briefly introduces R packages to master SQL. I will not introduce SQL nor all kind of R packages that are helpful to work with SQL; instead I will focus on packages that support us to learn SQL. First, I show that there is no need to install software, create databases, or get familiar with cloud applications in the beginning. You can focus on and run SQL queries from R with no further ado.

By Edgar Treischl

November 11, 2023

Create, scan, and correct exams with R

R can be used to create, scan, and correct student exams. This blog introduces the R exams package and shows how the approach works based on demo exam files that come with the package. I demonstrate how R scans exam images, extract answers from single or multiple choice questions, and correct them automatically. Next, I underline typical next steps that are related to this kind of work and how they are implemented in R (e.

By Edgar Treischl

July 10, 2021

The PythoneeR: Intro

I tried to learn Python several times. Once I had a very peculiar class in which we should learn Python for processing natural language. Well, it was more about text mining than applying Python. I tried to learn Python with the help of several books which introduced and ins and out of Python. Before I started to learn Python, I fluently spoke several other statistics software like R, Stata, and please forgive me, my personal journey started with SPSS.

By Edgar Treischl in Python

March 21, 2021